Pharmpur makes electricity mobile

by menz
4 years ago

The Pharmpur GmbH is committed to sustainable production. In addition to an energy-efficient expansion and its own photo­voltaic system, the company also relies on electro mobility. A company-owned electric vehicle designed for short journeys has been available for two years. This means that things can be done and trans­ferred e.g. to the train station in an environ­mentally friendly manner.


Charging options for guests and customers


In order to ensure the constant availa­bility of the electric car, Pharmpur has created charging options. Pharmpur not only had its own supply in mind, it also wanted to give guests and customers the oppor­tunity to travel by electric car. Therefore, two charging stations were set up on the company premises. These are available to our visitors free of charge. So our company can now be visited by electric car from a distance.


Regardless of whether you own an e-car yourself or would like to rent a battery-powered car at one of the nearby airports, you can manage the route to Königs­brunn without any charging worries  – there only has to be enough battery capacity for the outward journey. It is about 80 kilometres from Munich or Memmingen Airport, and Stuttgart Airport is 165 kilometres away. These routes are easy to master with an electric car. Pharmpur keeps various cables and adapters in stock, so charging in parallel with the appointment is child’s play.