Pharmpur is an owner-managed company producing medicinal products filled in syringes and vials, as well as medical products. Initially a specialist laboratory, Pharmpur gradually evolved into a full-range provider. By combining routine production and R&D activities, we have been able to achieve a high degree of profes­sio­nalism in production methods and in expanding our product range under the roof of an integrated quality management system tailor-made for this purpose.

Corporate Culture & Vision

It is our vision to make scien­tific progress and develop manufac­turing methods that create products to help our aging population find relief for their ailments. Our products thus aim to fulfill the needs of patients, doctors, and medical staff alike. Trust and relia­bility on the inside and out, space for develo­p­ments and innova­tions, a non-discri­mi­natory workplace and an open-conver­sation culture – all of this is promoted and pursued by Pharmpur.


Lean organi­sation, trans­parent struc­tures and short decision-making paths thanks to close coope­ration between individual units enable us to address and rapidly respond to our customers’ desires, sugges­tions and concerns. The management have many years of profes­sional experience in their respective fields of respon­si­bility and can rely on their compre­hensive specialist education and training.


The achie­vement of the highest possible quality is guaranteed by the expertise that our staff members obtained through their vocational training. A high education level, regular and weekly training sessions for all staff members and execu­tives ensure the awareness of all legal requi­re­ments and their organi­sa­tional imple­men­tation in the daily routine.

Social Commitment

We offer social benefits volun­tarily to conti­nuously improve the working condi­tions of our staff members. This is supple­mented by targeted personnel develo­pment and the support of in-service training programs. Company outings, Christmas celebra­tions and joint visits of events are estab­lished practice, as is the individual support of our staff members’ activities. Pharmpur has supported social projects and sports clubs in the city and the district for many years through fundraising campaigns and sponsoring.