Managing Director Dr. Dirk-Henning Menz becomes a member of the European Economic Senate

by Maria Menz
3 years ago

For many years the European Senate of the Economy has been campai­gning for economic and social interests in Europe. In the plenary hall of the old Bundestag in Bonn, Pharmpur managing director Dr. Dirk-Henning Menz received his certi­ficate as a new member of the Senate. The subse­quent panel discussion dealt with the topics “Practical perspec­tives from a company perspective” and “Chances for a sustainable economy through or despite Corona” – two topics that are also very important for Pharmpur in the current times. Dr. Menz will be active in the commis­sions for health, sustainable economy and education and research.


About the European Senate of the Economy


The European Senate of Economy was founded in 2015 and is part of the Senate of Economy Inter­na­tional, supporting the members of the EU Commission as well as the EU Parliament and its members. In addition to members of the government, discussion partners include parlia­men­ta­rians, scien­tists, diplomats and UN organizations.

The Senate is committed to the goals of the European Union and the United Nations and the goal of a global Marshal Plan. In parti­cular, European integration and the further develo­pment of the European Union as an economic and peace community should be promoted through the work of the Senate.